Thursday, March 27, 2008

I Found the Interestingness

Any non-RSS-readers may have noticed the comments in response to my "Where Has All The Interestingness Gone?" post last week. A few expressed how they're tired with, uninspired by, and feel a bit slave to blogging. They echoed my praise of Tumblr. A revolution was suggested (is that even possible?) to desert our blizzies (what the cool people are calling blogs lately...or not), and I was almost a willing and able recruit. Almost.

Last night I hit up the pre-PSFK-conference drinks thought-up by Noah and Faris. I got to meet F-bomb for the first time (which was a treat), shoot the shit with Jason (which was a treat), chill with some other acquainfriences (I know I'm off my term-coining game) living here, and meet a handful of others. And lots of those introductions and friendships were made and over the past year and a half or so have been developed because of this site right here.

So it's fair to say, last night I got a reminder that this blog is still a great catalyst for meaningful interactions. For me, the snippets of interestingness may happen over on Tumblr (for now), but the most interesting conversations are still happening in person and good, old-fashion blogging still works wonders for making those connections. Maybe it's that the blog (unlike Tumblr) allows comments—even if not used, it says I'm open to hearing what you think. Or maybe it's that bloggers share a mutual respect for the process (the ups and downs, freedom and captivity) that we all go through when writing a post, deciding to post...even deciding to keep posting somewhat regularly. I, for one, don't necessarily apply "are you just creating more noise?" filter to my Tumbles (or Tweets) like I do here. (Sure, that's debatable.) And though it may sound weird, I like that this platform is not as easy as it could be and not as conducive to my on-the-move lifestyle. That becomes the proof that I'm committed to it.

Wow, that last part felt like I was on a "Does Blogging Matter?" panel. Jealous that-I'm-not-over-at-the-conference much! Let's go New York.

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Mark Hall said...

I’ve been hoping your Interestingness post didn’t signal the end of this blog.

I think you’re right. Because blog content tends to be deeper than Tumblrs I think they lead to a sense of connectedness to the author. Proof? Even though we’ve never met, when Georgetown lost last weekend I thought “I bet Gaffney’s bummed.”