Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Please Vote for HourMission!

Yes, I went there; I put an exclamation point in the title. I'm already second-guessing it. But moving on...

Yesterday, my buddy Matt and I submitted an idea we've been working on quite a bit (especially lately) to American Express' Members Project. If you haven't heard of Members Project, it is a contest in which people can submit their ideas that make a broad positive impact as well as rate, discuss and vote on all the submitted ideas. We would love if you would take all three of the latter actions (rate, discuss and most importantly VOTE - all caps is my latest punctuation faux pas). The entry deadline has passed unfortunately for those interested (though fortunate for us, since we don't need any more competition than the other ~1200 ideas in contention).

The voting deadline is September 1st. The top 25 projects advance to the next round, and the top 5 get some serious cash money. (Eat your words, Wilmer. And then go volunteer.) We would sincerely appreciate your support by voting and if you're so compelled passing this post or this information—

1) Please log into: (Yes, you have to be an Amex Cardmember, which is definitely a bit annoying. Hopefully you are already and have a login.)
2) Search for: CKGW4D (HourMission: Volunteering Made Easy)
3) Click: "Nominate This Project"

—to your friends, family, do-gooders and do-baders you know (we'll get them out of guilt).

Here is the widget I've downloaded from the site. Click on the blue hourmission link within it to go vote. (Punctuation is self-censored at this point.)

And for those interested in more info, here is a brief presentation we put together a while back:

hourmission 2.20.08
View SlideShare presentation or Upload your own. (tags: nonprofit time)

Lastly, if you're still with me, here is a sneak peek at the new logo we're working on with the extremely talented John Cornette:

Hope you found that interesting. Hope you have been inspired to vote (if not get your ass in gear to volunteer). No better way to end than with a rhyme.

P.S. Any feedback on the idea is greatly appreciated. Thank you all so much.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Just Blog It

Inspired by the image below (via tokyohanna) and of course this Nike commercial (via our Portland office), I made that note to self (and anyone else needing a reminder) above. That's about as artistic as I get. (Though did I mention I have commercial-worthy handwriting?) That's all. Now, how about that kiss.

Monday, August 04, 2008

The Doctor Is In The Middle

The original title was "Just What the Pretend Dr. Horrible Ordered. Pepper." Yes, it was even more obviously a way for me to connect three related pieces of content (four if you count the content link) and serve them to you with very little (read as: no) added value. Hopefully, one or two of you haven't seen one or two of these things and find them entertaining.

First, our Portland office created a new site for Old Spice Pro-Strength Antiperspirant. It allows you to get your TV Medical Doctor certification. Here's mine:

You may have seen the commercials which feature Neil Patrick Harris. They're pretty good too but couldn't hold the stethoscope of (NPH as) Dr. Horrible. Greg March put me onto it with these two posts. Give it a watch:

And finally, Leland recently posted an interview of Stephen Colbert with the guy who wrote OBD (Obsessive Branding Disorder)...brought to you by Dr. Pepper. Check it out: