Monday, August 04, 2008

The Doctor Is In The Middle

The original title was "Just What the Pretend Dr. Horrible Ordered. Pepper." Yes, it was even more obviously a way for me to connect three related pieces of content (four if you count the content link) and serve them to you with very little (read as: no) added value. Hopefully, one or two of you haven't seen one or two of these things and find them entertaining.

First, our Portland office created a new site for Old Spice Pro-Strength Antiperspirant. It allows you to get your TV Medical Doctor certification. Here's mine:

You may have seen the commercials which feature Neil Patrick Harris. They're pretty good too but couldn't hold the stethoscope of (NPH as) Dr. Horrible. Greg March put me onto it with these two posts. Give it a watch:

And finally, Leland recently posted an interview of Stephen Colbert with the guy who wrote OBD (Obsessive Branding Disorder)...brought to you by Dr. Pepper. Check it out:

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