Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Bye Bye Blogspot

I'm moving my blog over to

It will be hosted by WordPress. In two weeks, I will start to redirect this url to its new home.

For all subscribers, you may have noticed this change already. You should be fine and still getting the feed. (That's why I used Feedburner but please check.) But, as many of you also may have noticed, it's not running perfectly smoothly...yet. (Hopefully within the week.) So apologies if all past posts have been refreshed in your reader and if full posts are not being displayed right now. And finally, if you're not already subscribing and would like to you'll see nice big Subscribe in the upper right hand corner of the newly-designed blog.

A huge thanks goes out to Eric, who in addition to helping me register and manage my domain names as well as make the transition, has been invaluable in giving me blogging advice.

For the love of god man, when you write your last post on the blogger platform, get to the f-ing point! I'm paraphrasing but check the first line of the post. Message received, man.

Why am I changing platforms? I wanted my blog to grow up. More than just wanting and being ready for a change (which would send me off on a political rant), I felt like this blog design and url were actually impacting my writing. This is partly true because it was boring me a bit to have the same template for almost two years. (I made one change about six months into blogging.) Yet, it is mostly due to the fact that everything from the brown wallpaperish background to the left column of widgets to the width of the space used to the blogger search bar on the top to the address ( had put me in a box and the walls were starting to close in. A serious post didn't really feel like it fit. A more thoughtful post didn't either nor did the design inspire these types of posts. (Forget for a fact that schedule doesn't always permit either.) While I've heard there are also benefits of power/speed and utilities/plugins, I really just wanted to be re-energized around this blog, and I want to make it better.

I'll be making some changes over the next couple weeks, including going back and tagging + categorizing all my posts (which I failed to do here). But it's going to be pretty much the same El Gaffney (whatever that means to you). I hope you all enjoy the new and improved site.


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