Tuesday, May 22, 2007

"College!" Observations

1. Facebook vs. Evite? Evite meet Friendster. Friendster, Evite. After receiving an invite to my sis' graduation bbq through facebook, I realized the end may be near for friend evite.
2. Virginia Tech and Unity. I was surprised not to hear anything about this in the speeches or a moment of silence. How quickly we forget? Or a testament to the strength of the campus and us?
3. Parents don't want to be the old parents. Seriously, they are obsessed with when the other students' were conceived (parents' ages) and if they have other older children.
4. Drinking game innovation. Whether you call it beer pong or beirut in its original form, the game has changed. Not with catching rules or rebutals, but speed. Civil War is essentially speed beirut, as teams compete to shoot and hit all their opponents cups as soon as they balls come to their side.
5. Stop calling us the Entitlement generation. And if you continue, at least give us props for giving back. Peep this do goodery stat from BC - 650 of less than 3000 grads forewent beach spring breaks for community service!

Half-baked thoughts, but wanted to share.


mikekarnj said...

Yeah, we used to play Speed Bong at UVA. Easy rules. If I make the cup, I get the ball back. And I get to keep shooting until you finish your beer. Balls that bounce off the table are fair game. First person that gets it can pass it to their teammate to shoot. Or attempt an impossible half court shot from where they are. Games usually last 0 - 3 minutes at the most depending on skill level.

Seth said...

and drunkeness... assuming it follows the rule of thumb of most hand-eye-coordination-dependent drinking games - that there's an optimal # of drinks with which you hit your peak performance (seriously, you're better with a few beers in ya), but once you go over, it's a very slippery slope downward.