Monday, May 28, 2007

Inbox of Immaturity: Memorial Day Weekend

Hey all, here I am from my new stomping grounds (aka the yards). An admittedly weak performance, but immaturity is subject to convenience. I haven't been on IM and peeps don't feel like looking up my new email address to send silly links. Plus, I was busy watching my girlfriend's best friend, Tessa, win the officer and a gentleman's heart...and watching him carry on and off every talk show set on ABC.

Anyway, this is what's shaking in the off-weeks:
First, Roy Hibbert has decided to return for his senior year at Georgetown. Jeff Green has not. But the Hoyas are going to be a force once again, which means I may have another reason to use miles to get to the Final Four next year. On a related college/pro bball note: Greg Oden wears Jorts. (For the uninitiated, Jorts = jean shorts)
Second, from a newish show on Fuse called The Whitest Kids U' Know, a dating show a la Mallrats.
Third, if you play pickup basketball regularly or even sporadically (yes, I watched Clueless today), you know some of these cats.
Numero Schick quattro, on the same Clueless tip, you've all heard about the Rosie feud - here's some Silverstone doing some snubbing of her own.
And finally from The Whitest Kids U' Know (yes, again), a skit about a guy who doesn't really get slang hand signal.

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