Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Be With You, Hoo, Boooo!

In case you weren't watching NBC's Today Show this morning, I've got the watercooler talk right here. Matt Lauer serving up that anticipation. Ann Curry giving up that support in the form of a half-smirk, half-frown to the losers. Today Show throws a Martha Stewart wedding!

And the winner, believe it or not, were the Singing Bandits. Not to be confused with Wet or Sticky Bandits. The beat out Tim, I mean Tommy Duncan and his Be-ance by the narrowest margin in Today-Show-throws-a-Wedding-history by 500 votes!

Go here and click on "Song and Dance! Wedding couples perform" to watch the final four talent competition. (No, NBC doesn't understand the concept of letting people easily share their content.) Please wait until the end for Cody's suspect musicial performance and Jessica's talent of nodding, smiling, and lip synching the words being sung to her.

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