Friday, August 17, 2007

Inbox of Immaturity

Back from Likemind this morn, I feel energized to get the IOI back in gear after missing last week.

It's been a minute since I hit up this site for an image, so wanted to give some love.

Over one week later, peeps are still talking about Daft Punk, so I thought I'd hit you all off with the full version (it's an MP3 file to download) of the Keyspan Park show and one of DP in Wisconsin in '96 sent over to me by Jimmy, who reports for Maxim and Blender.

Crazy Bruce's Liquors has got nothing on Flea Market man - remember it's just like a mini-mall. Nor can he compete with Crazy Eddie - the electronics store where the prices aren't the only thing that's insane.

The Japanese have a great video for potty training. We can also thank Tokyo (and Aki) for this Storm Trooper boogie.

Tracking studies are usually not this fun. Thrillist hit me off. Otherwise, you may want to go searching for the ladies - we know know these two were invited.

And finally, Tay Zonday is back and will apparently be opening for Girl Talk in Minneapolis on my bday (Oct. 5). Make sure you peep the John Mayer Remix he did for Best Week Ever and the Matt Damon nonsense with Jimmy Kimmel is quite funny as well.

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