Monday, June 09, 2008

Wieden Your Blog Reading

See what I did there?! I could have said "expand" or "add to" but then you wouldn't have started off your week with that nasty double entendre. Oh yeah, I'm on fire this Monday morning. Literally. I'm still sweating from the walk into work.

To the point. In the now half-year I've been working at W+K NY, I've met some amazing people (cue violins) and some of those people have blogs. Sure, amazing people does not always mean amazing blogs, but these two are top-notch on and off line. Thus, I'd highly recommend anyone interested in the Internet/Digital Life/Social Media check out:

The Gist of March: Greg March is media guru here with an uncommon understanding of the digital space. I use "uncommon" purposefully as he recently offered some insight into McCain and Obama's friend situations on Facebook and Myspace. One of my favorite posts of his has to be What Wu-Tang Taught Me About Social Marketing.

Geeky is a way of life: Melissa Sconyers is a search guru here and digital native, passionate and expert. I, of course, have to give her some love for her term-coining abilities based on her Befoogled post (Befoogled = "Not having time to Google somebody before you meet them in real life.") I was hooked from the first post that I ever read of hers about the work-life balance giving way to the work-life blend (cite: Adrian Ho).

So they're both worth reading and meeting.

P.S. I am now realizing there's very little chance that "Wieden" is a double entendre given it's not a verb in the English dictionary. Racecar. That's better. Palindromes usually do the trick.

P.P.S. Given I hit up the Tumblr party last night I thought I'd also give a shout-out to three things friends put me onto this morning. I "reblogged" cool things from Chet, Katie and Amit this morning.

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