Tuesday, July 22, 2008

7 Weddings and A...

There are a ton of ways I have considered finishing that phrase. Thankfully, "Funeral" is not one of them. But "Hangover," "lmost Broke," "nother 4-Day Work-Week," "Missed Holiday...Again" and "Ripped Pair of Tuxedo Pants" all would have been appropriate.

This is definitely not living up to the "Plethora of Marketing Ideas" blog subtitle...unless you see something I don't. But I know there's a new business idea in here somewhere. I've had tons since the first wedding-related event I attended this year—my buddies' joint bachelor party in Vail, CO in March. Unfortunately, I don't think there's a single one that would be profitable. (So Web 2.0 of me.) But I'll have time to keep thinking during my 5 more weddings (and countless surrounding events) this year.

So the two aforementioned guys with the co-bachelor party have gotten married. The weddings have been worth the cost (see above considered post title endings). I think you'll agree after seeing one quick video from each.

Kiran and Sheetal's Wedding in Mahwah, NJ:

Rubes and Dre's Wedding in Washington, DC:

If you couldn't tell, most of my friends love to dance. (And yes, there have been a few business ideas focusing (on) that passion alone.)

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