Thursday, July 10, 2008

I'm Not Blogging to Make Friends

Actually that's not true at all. But as an admitted reality TV addict, most of you know by now this type of compilation (can we call it a montage, Team America?) is right up my alley...

Quick shout-out to the Real World Hollywood crew for becoming friends even without being polite...and in the process putting on quite a show. (Yes, all 9 of you.) Half shout-out to Jesse (or as I like to call him, Travis from Clueless), who was able to make friends and win DeAnna's hand in marriage on this season of The Bachelorette. Zero shout-out to Kristy for making friends but then deciding she didn't like winning Tila's heart.

That was therapeutic. Please be my friend.


Paul McEnany said...

With you in shame, brother. Damn you real world, why can I not stop watching you!?!

At least the challenge is coming to replace it soon... :)

El Gaffney said...

thanks dude, nice to know i've got some support. the new challenge looks (johnny) bananas. it always does.