Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Training Starts Tuesday!

If anyone read that in the Gap Girls "Diet starts Monday" voice, you need to email me immediately and be my new BFFALAW (Best Friend For At Least A Week)! If you have no idea what I'm talking about watch the famous SNL skit here. (Unfortunately it cuts off before Farley laughs and says the aforementioned "Diet starts Monday" line.)

Back to the point: Today, after work, I officially kick-off my training for the NYC Marathon with the NYC Chapter of MS. I decided to Run MS for a few reasons, which I will talk more about in future posts. The first of which is quite honestly that I wanted to run the marathon and thought running for a charity/cause would be a win-win. I would get guaranteed entrance (after being rejected a few years back) and the organization would get a dedicated champion of its cause. (Jen was also an inspiration for this.) When I got to Wieden, I saw that one of our pro bono accounts was the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. I was extremely interested in working on this account for two reasons. The first of which was to offset my not helping the world in advertising guilt. The second was a lot less selfish—my friend's mother has had the disease and in recent years had to fight harder against it. Therefore, I wanted to help by both learning and doing. And I'm proud to say that NMMS has recently become a client of mine.

Please check out My Personal Donation Page. As you can see, I have not started to raise money yet. (The 100 spot was what I dropped initially to get the spot in the race.) And as you can also see, my goal is to raise $3,450. 3 G's (not to be confused with the iPhone 3G) is the bare minimum and I don't want to be someone who is thought of as doing the bare minimum when it comes to fundraising for a great cause or wearing flair. But the amount is not arbitrary; it correlates to the time I hope to finish the marathon in - 3 hours and 45 minutes. I ran my first and only marathon (Twin Cities) in October of 2006 in just under 3:48.

While this seems like a conservative goal, three minutes is a lot to cut in running even over the course of 26.2 miles and the temptations and running routes in NYC are greater and lesser, respectively!

So all that said, you're going to be hearing more about my training and about MS. And I'm going to be asking you (hopefully not harassing) for some support in the form of cash money (PayPal or checks) until November 2, 2008. Starting, well, now if you feel the urge. Thanks for reading everyone. More to come.


linda said...

I'm extremely touched (on a personal level) that you selected MS as the organization to raise money for and for public awareness. This is a wonderful tribute to you as a person. Good luck to you and the team. Hope you reach your goal!!
Love, Linda

El Gaffney said...

thank you so much, linda. so glad i can help in even a small way. working with the org and running with others on the team have each been inspiring, motivating and a learning experience.

and i can't believe you posted on my blog! i haven't been able to get my parents to do that in the over 2 years i've been keeping it!