Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Music, Sports, and Advertising Collide!

Maybe it's because I still get pumped up from the Nike Football commercial with the Last of the Mohican's track on it a few months later. I actually seek it out to watch it every once in a while. Maybe it's because when I went to get some empanadas for lunch today, Phil Collin's "In the Air Tonight" came on and then I thought of the Cadbury ad with the gorilla drumming, which made me think of the Phoenix Suns mascot. Or maybe it's because I just briefed for a Sheraton spot promoting their NCAA sponsorship and, if possible, incorporating the song they have used in the past, for which we recently just renegotiated the rights.

Whatever the case, sometimes when these three things—advertising, music, and sports—come together something special happens. When watching some uploaded amateur videos from (my alma mater) Georgetown's Midnight Madness, I came across this one below (introducing our center, Roy Hibbert). I couldn't help but thank advertising for making it possible.

No, not for making Roy's return to G-town possible (he came back for his final year even though he could have possibly been a lottery pick in the NBA this summer - you can see in the jumping around in the stands how much he loves being in college). Rather for giving students and all our fans the ammo/inspiration to show their appreciation, enthusiasm, and love together, chanting, "Roy, Roy, Roy, Roy..." Because without advertising, bringing Roy out to the Eye of the Tiger would not have never happened.

The video does also seem to make a compelling case for regular-people-made-ads. I mean, you put a swoosh at that end of this footage, and I'm sold - on my way out to cop some new Nike kicks.

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