Friday, October 19, 2007

Paradox of Choice

Rob Fields makes some great posts on Marketing Pop Culture, a site I was reintroduced to by Chet's blog this morning. Now this is a heavy one for a Friday, but incredibly interesting and worthy food for thought going into the weekend. We spend a lot of time considering/debating the paradox of choice in our lives. In the marketing world especially. For less price sensitive consumers especially. For the rich and famous definitely...or not so.

In the video below, Jay Smooth tackles the current T.I. situation by drawing upon what he's learned from his involvement in helping youth at group homes. In doing so, he helps us understand the psychology of rappers. I'll let him doing the talking - he's incredibly in-touch and compelling - but highlight the part I found so interesting: When you go from having no options for so long, it's harder to see all the options around you when you finally get them. So before writing off T.I. for his stupidity, consider this:

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