Monday, October 08, 2007

Triple C

Nope, I didn't mean Triple A for you non-advertising peeps. Nor did I mean the Three C's for you hardcore marketing peeps (Company, Consumer, Competition). Nor did I mean the new school Three C's (Content, Context, Community) for digital peeps. Nor did I mean the Three C's for making up your showroom (Clean, Clutter-free, Creative). Nor did I mean the Triple Lindy.

This is about Cataloging Cool Communications. These have all been written about last week or so, but wanted to post them here in case you hadn't seen all or any. First, some highly anticipated advertising from Sony Bravia and Dove.

Next, an interesting a smart move by man and brand, Marc Ecko. He won the auction for Barry Bond's record-breaking home run ball, which put him at the center of the biggest sports debate of the year (at the very least). He democratized the decision and the people have spoken: Send it to Cooperstown with an asterisk on it. Once again, Marc has created pop culture.

Lastly, really cool partnership that produced a Microsoft Wine. Stormhoek has created a product called Blue Monster just for Micorsoft employees with the tag "Change the world or go home." That's one way to change perceptions of outsiders and rally the people within.

That's all for now. Hope to have a more thoughtful post later.


mikekarnj said...

I really like the Sony Bravia work. Is that from Fallon London?

El Gaffney said...

yup, juan cabral (cd who gets lot of the credit/quotes in press) has had quite a couple of years.