Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Buyer's Something

I'm not necessarily feeling buyer's remorse. Maybe it's buyer's confusion. Or more like buyer's obsession. At about midnight last night I was catching up on some feeds and happened upon this story from Cool Hunting.

In case you don't click the link, here's the deal. Reebok partnered with Graphic Designer/Associate Director of Research at MIT Media Lab, John Maeda, to create a limited edition (100 pairs) sneaker (based on the Reebok Ventilator). They are calling it the Reebok Timetanium, and it not only sports graphics based on John Maeda’s original algorithms and computer code, but the inside of the shoe is actually lined with his own hand-written calculations. Take a look:

So at 12:03, I'm on the site seeing if there are any left. There were 5. I think, these kicks are mad ugly. I watch him talk about the shoe. I think, that's a pretty tight story. Then I start convincing myself that owning a great marketing/infosthetics/design/simplicity case study is worth the money. Then I worry that I'm going to miss my opportunity. Then I realize I've never purchased shoes or any clothing besides custom t-shirts online. So I go check my closet for the size of my Reebok Pumps. 10. It's worth buying this type of thing (one that I usually have to try on first) online. It's a good learning experience I tell myself. Then I purchase. Then I can't believe I just spent $179.23 on a pair of sneakers. Who do I think I am? Turtle? But they're "limited edition", and it's like owning a piece of history...I guess.

Now I'm hoping they fit but cool if they don't because it's all about the experience. I've been on a buyer's roller-coaster ever since. I'll let you know when they arrive.


noah brier said...

i wanted those . . .

Ruvym said...

I guess you no longer have an excuse to laugh at your girlfriend if she ever spends a ridiculous amount of money on some Coach limited-edition handbag.

El Gaffney said...

noah - maybe i'll give you the left one.

ruvym - i know better than to comment on that one.