Thursday, November 08, 2007

Get Grant's Green

Anyone coming here for the first time may not know my affection for alliteration. But it's well-documented. Regardless of your affinity for the technique, you should consider getting a copy of The Green Marketing Manifesto. Here is it in all its glory.
John Grant has been a source of knowledge and inspiration over my five years in the advertising world. His Brand Tarot blog has been linked to for a while (if anyone's coming to the site vs. RSS). So I'm sure it will be a fantastic read. And it could not have come at a more appropriate time. Whether you're tending to brands, starting a business, or making personal changes to promote an environmentally-friendly lifestyle, the green movement will have an impact on our future. As awkward as NBC's Sunday Night Football half-time show in the dark was and as cheesy as their marketing of their "Green is Universal" initiative is, I appreciate the thought and, more importantly, action. But it's clear that marketers especially need help from us in the agency world to figure out how the become more sustainable (probably how they define green in the first place) as well as how they communicate it (proving they believe it and aren't just looking to cash in (make some green, anyone?) from the "hot thing.")

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