Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Badass By Association

I like to say I'm a combination of Seth Godin and Jabar Gaffney. Well, actually I've never said that before, but after last night I'm definitely trying to link myself with the latter. You see, I get pretty excited when people with (at least part of) my name perform. Call it "X" by association. In this case, I'm now one step closer to getting the nickname "Crazy Hands" Gaffney on the flag football field.

So when Seth Godin comes through with a hot book or post, I can't say I've ever felt closer to it than others but it does kind of make me want to step up my game as a Seth (a Seth G. at that). Or when Seth Green comes through with a hot video clip (like Chris Cocker) or Robot Chicken episode or character (Kenny, anyone?), I try to up the funny...after being like, "yeah SETH! that's what's up!"

And don't think this is limited to "real people." In fact, when characters in movies, TV shows, or books are named Seth or Gaffney (yet to see a Seth Gaffney), I reap the benefits. You don't think girls at bars ever said, "Oh, like Seth Cohen???" That's right. Jokes and jokes and jokes and spaghetti, spaghetti. How about Seth from Boiler Room? A bit of a whiner, but ran that casino from his house and could make a sell like no other newbie. Not last and certainly not least my sister, Julie "The Cat" Gaffney saving the last shot glove side in the Mighty Ducks 2 shootout with Russia. What? Yes, that's right. Team USA. Give me a high five for homegirl!

That's all. If you see my in the hall, throw me something. A pen, stapler, whatever. I'll catch it...and then I'll tell you about a Purple Calf...because I'm badass by association.


kevin said...

You're lucky. Kevin is the official name of nice guys that finish last in just about every movie ever made. Although Kevin Spacey was Kaiser Soze, so thats kind of cool ... but other than that ... uh ... I got nothing.

El Gaffney said...

Yeah man, I'm feeling for you - from wonder years, to home alone, to po-po-zao, kevin's had a bit of a rough ride. K-dog (Owen Wilson in Meet the Parents) didn't get to marry Pam either, but think you all dodged a bullet there.

Jake said...

Kevin, you must not be a basketball fan. Between Kevin Garnett and Kevin Durant you have two transcendent talents. Not to mention one of my personal favorites, Kevin Johnson.

Everyone should remember Kevin Mitchell, of SF Giants and barehanded catch fame. He was a pretty cool dude.

I would say that you're going to have tough time finding name game heroes if your name is D'Brickshaw, but then the Jets went out and drafted a black belt having, monstrous offensive lineman with that moniker.

El Gaffney said...

Easy to feel secure from the throne of "The Snake" Roberts and Gyllenhal.