Friday, December 14, 2007

Inbox of Immaturity

It's been a slow week for new stuff (except for things us ad people pass around to each other like Burger King's new viral campaign).

Yet I was fortunate enough to have this make its way into my life after a year and a half or so when it was posted.

I guess you could say I'm way late to the game, but we're not even talking about a game. Plus, watching this gets me psyched up to watch the Hoyas play Radford tomorrow night.

In case that didn't really satisfy your craving (and because it's holiday season), I've also added a few of the classics—Maury P, Sour Grapes, Bubb Rubb, and HCWD—, a throwback game, and if you're ever looking for an old Internet phenomenon, you may want to start here. (Take that Google/Knol.)

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