Friday, December 07, 2007

Inbox of Immaturity: Walk Hard

When immaturity and ingenuity in marketing collide, the thing (link, story, etc.) gets elevated to the IOI subject. This doesn't happen often (Shave Everywhere was probably the last time, or perhaps it was Tea Partay). Actually if I had moved quickly on Tay Zonday's Cherry Chocolate Rain for Dr. Pepper earlier this week, it could have made the leap up...but I didn't. Yet, a couple days ago flavorpill let the Internet world know that Dewey Cox could be performing in your city. Yes, that's correct: Before the movie goes into theaters, Walk Hard is going on Tour.

I'm a big fan of this type of promotion. Movies seem to have a lot of opportunity to create real experiences, to utilize many assets and content, to galvanize audiences/communities. This isn't funny, but check out what Kite Runner did with viewing parties. On the contrary, Balls of Fury is right up my alley but after the trailer went around online months before its theatrical release, there was no follow up. Anyway, I am going to try and hit up the show in NYC on the 19th, but its holiday party season so I may have to miss it. If anyone is definitely going, let me know.

Just in case that [info] was too soft, here's your fill of more traditional immaturity:

Happy Hamukkah. Oh thank you Balducci's.
Huhukkah?. As TrueHoop blog says "Dunk got your tongue?" Darius Miles is not as good when his lines aren't written for him Van Wilder-style. (This has nothing to do with the Jewish holiday, but was trying to keep the theme going.)
Chicagokkah. Okay, now I'm really forcing it. But thanks Jake, for this gem and for giving the pre-read background: "It looks like they took a press release for winter tires and replaced tires with a certain hilarious noun."

And finally, if you're in NYC tonight and are ready to begin training to walk hard, you can start by rocking out softly. My buddies Matt and Jimmy are going to be DJing at Midway (25 Ave. B at 2nd St) from 11pm on. From their "press release":

We'll be going by the moniker Awesome Dudes -- an alias that, besides being awesome, is also subtle and cool, just like us. We're gonna be jammin' like it's 1978, dropping nothing but the hottest soft rock hits and blue eyed soul from the likes of Steely Dan, Todd Rundgren, Boz Skaggs, Hall & Oates and whatever else we can cook up on the laptops. We'll also throw in some disco and house to get the bodies moving. So stop by to say hi, have a drink, and rock out (as long as you do it softly).

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