Monday, April 21, 2008

As Discovered On Long Island

This weekend I headed back home to Long Island to spend the Passover holiday with my family. I took that LIRR (the train, for the non-NY-ers) on Friday night and was pleasantly surprised by the fact that my mother had made one of my favorite meals (non-Jewish, since Passover started Saturday), Corned Beef and Cabbage. (Yes, it's so good it deserves capitalization.) Not that you care, but Saturday I hit up a nice run around the neighborhood in order to make myself feel better about the amount of food I was going to consume at our Seder. Brisket, Cornish Hen, Matzo-stuffing and of course, my mom's (from grandma's recipe) famous Matzo Ball Soup. (Yes, still capitalized for tastiness and grammatically correct because we don't mess with the gefilte fish.) Hagaddah (prayer book) sponsored by Maxwell House—and watch me tie this back into advertising now:

The publication of its Passover haggadah by the Joseph Jacobs Advertising Agency beginning in 1934 made Maxwell House a household name with many American Jewish families. This was a clever marketing strategy by owner Joseph Jacobs, who hired an Orthodox rabbi to certify that the coffee bean was technically more like a berry than a bean and, consequently, kosher for Passover. Maxwell House coffee was the first to target a Jewish demographic, and the haggadah continues to represent a synthesis of American and Jewish interests.

After gorging ourselves, we went back to the living room and relaxed—this time to something other than Pope TV—and brainstormed the big evening event. Predictably, we found our way to Fandango, picked Forgetting Sarah Marshall, went and didn't regret our decision for a minute. Heavy Recommend for my weight at the time and level of enjoyment. That's all I'm going to say. I don't want to spoil any amazing scenes, cameos or one-liners. Go see it.

One of the other benefits of going home—besides eating like a king, suburban running, getting out of the city and generally spending qt with the fam—is picking up some new reco's and ideas from each of them. (Hence, the "As Discovered" rather than "As Seen" post title.)

1. How I Met Your Mother (Sis reco): I'm sure many of you are reading this and wondering how it is possible I'm only catching onto this in its third season. I'm sure others are thinking I jock (yeah, I was back on Long Island) Jason Segel. Hopefully there are a few of you whom are looking for a sitcom to get into and I just tipped to view. Because it's fantastically current and insightful. Who doesn't love NPH. (No, that wasn't a question.) Especially since he now blogs Doogie-style. Who doesn't love a good Canadian viral success like Robin Sparkles. (New video features the Beek from Dawson's Creek.) I want your life!

2. Cash Cab (Dad reco): I only saw a couple episodes of Cash Cab: After Dark (where the prizes are greater because it is later), but was sold. All the talk of surprise and delight recently, this is a show that delivers (even if some of the cab-goers are pre-screened). A general knowledge trivia show that starts the second you get in the cab and ends when you reach your destination (unless you get three strikes and the boot out in NYC) with a host, Ben Bailey, who as a comedian has the perfect sense of humor for it.

3. Limoliner (Mom reco): It's a 28-passenger silver shuttle that goes to and from the Hilton NY and Hilton Boston with business-friendly wi-fi, outlets, news TV channels in headrest and reclining leather seats as well as complimentary snacks. Though none of us have actually taken this service yet, I may give it a shot on Thursday as I head to ROFLcon. Who's coming with me?

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