Friday, April 25, 2008

Rolling on MIT's Floor Laughing

Not yet. But yes, I'm at ROFLcon and from the looks of it so far besides for David Weinberger (author of Everything is Miscellaneous and co-author of Cluetrain Manifesto) and some Rocketboom peeps, I'm looking like the chaperon.

And as "cool" as W+K may be in the ad world, there's very little street/campus cred gained with this "hostname":

In fact lots of the Harvard students have crossed out their username (which had been their parent-given names) and put their screen names in their hostname space (which had been blank because they go to school). Dope...I guess.

Mad amounts of blogging and twittering going on. (Yeah, I said "mad". I haven't felt this old since Georgetown's Homecoming two years ago.) That feeling is compounded by the fact that I refuse to put this crap in my system:

It is a pretty funny thing to give to people as they register though (especially for those who've seen Idiocracy). It's starting up in a half-hour over here on in MIT's Sala de Puerto Rico...and that's a place El Gaffney can get down with.

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