Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Do Day: Jew-day

I make it a point to steer clear of agency-specific posts. For one, the risk-reward ratio just isn't in my favor. (If that's not clear, what I'm saying is amusing the small number of people who visit this is not worth losing my job because I violated some policy I didn't know about or something was misconstrued get the point.) For two, this blog often serves as a way to disconnect or escape from work. It is usually a place for me to establish my non-office identity. (Yet, the more W+K Facebook friends I tally up, the more obvious it is that there's just one me out there.) For three, I'm still relatively new (4 months) and want to make sure I "get" the place before I start writing about it. (Being an informed writer matters to me!?! I learn something new every day.)

But—and you knew that was coming—sometimes I just can't help myself. (Yes, the holiday sweater party was a prime example.) And—once again, no suspense created—today is one of those times. Because yesterday was Founder's Day and 1. Some video footage is already on YouTube so I'm less scared about being fired; 2. This was the most unwork company function of which I've even been a part; and 3. It was so outrageous, yet so authentic to W+K NY.

As our offices across the globe celebrated the 26th birthday of Wieden + Kennedy, our New York office also turned 13. By the subject of this post, you know what that means. It was time to have our Bar Mitzvah (B'nai probably)...well, time to go out to Charisma Ballroom in Queens and have a Bar Mitzvah party. The theme...Ninjas. And that's really all I have to say about that. (Still think some things should be left to the people inside these walls.) Except maybe that Coke and Pepsi was played, so the following picture makes some sense.

So forgive me for not doing much today other than recounting the day and night (which you've now gotten a glimpse into) with coworkers, looking at pictures, eating, and learning the words to Jay-Z's verse in Beyonce's "Crazy in Love" (which I butchered at the after Bar Mitzvah bar). Okay, one more picture that must have been taken right after I shouted "the best fur - Chinchilla" into the mic and thought I was going to exit on a high note...only to realize I was just half-way through...

Oh yeah, and the other reason this is titled so broadly yet pointedly is that I just found out that an article I was asked to write (theme - post-Birthright experience) for Contact (a quarterly journal of the Steinhardt Foundation for Jewish life) was just published. Check it out by clicking on and downloading the PDF of Winter 2008. (Pages 13-14)

That's all for now. Shalom. Ying-yang. Hov!

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