Monday, April 14, 2008

help is the new method

That's right. I'll say it again. help is the new method. But while method is for your home, help remedies is for your health. It exists to "make solving simple health issues simple." It's clean, simple design delivers. See:

Just like method's cleaning products, you won't be embarrassed to have these out on the bathroom counter. Just like method it differentiates with product and personality. It has eco-friendly packaging. It has entertainment. It has ethics.

And just like method was the brainchild of an ex-planner, Eric Ryan, help is too! (Yay for us! Boo that we're didn't come up with it first! Reminder that every competitive landscape review/analysis we do for a client is an opportunity!) Anyway, I first read about this company yesterday in a post on coolhunting, and the first line—"Richard Fine, one of the founders..."—made me stop and think: That name sounds really familiar. A few seconds later, I was checking the site for his info and found it in the press kit. A minute later, I was checking my gmail for past correspondence. The connection was made and confirmed: That's the dude who rejected me at an interview for a job at an innovation consultancy back in 2005. April 22, 2005 to be exact. (Gotta love the Gmail...and the Drake.)

I wish I could have waited for the 3-year anniversary to post this, but then you'd be behind the news. I don't remember much from that interview other than the sweating and how out of practice I was. (Yes, excuses! But I got my first job by sending in a video of me dressed up as Joe Millionaire then living, working and competing in an agency for a week. So a 30-minute, 360-degree brand experience-grilling was a bit out of my comfort zone to say the least.) I also remember him asking me about Tropicana's packaging and me saying something about maybe they could update it to a perhaps a vibrant orange. WRONG! (He honked my nose like Ralph Macchio did to Chozen as Daniel LaRuso in Karate Kid 2 - "Live or die, man?" Anyone?)

Now I (and you) can see, he's a truly a fan of simplicity. Not only does he respect the white space, he has thought about the way people interact with products in the health space and found an opportunity to offer something better (for headaches and cuts currently). Look out for them in boutique hotels and design stores for now, but I wouldn't be surprised if these get greater distribution soon.

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