Friday, February 03, 2006

Controversial Bahamas

As you know, one of my clients is The Bahamas, specifically its Ministry of Tourism. Well, we recently launched our new OOH (out of home) campaign in New York City. With our "Escape Everyday Life" message, we've targeted heavily one place New Yorkers look to escape (and are part of their daily routine/life): The subway. Stations and trains alike. The rush hour commute. The weekday grind. Penn Station crowds. Our goal is to provide an escape (in the beautiful shots of The Bahamas and witty advertising) and remind you that an incredible and unique vacation destination is waiting for you (and not too far away - less than 60 miles from Florida). However when I was in Mexico, I learned that a few of our ads were stirring the pot so to speak. (And that's not how I usually speak.) This one shown in particular has caused the most hullabaloo. (That's definitely not how I speak.) Providing an "Instant Escape" this ad shows subway riders how to pass the time practicing their bonefishing technique. Harmless fun? Not at all. Read one recent review:
Quick response: I can assure you that The Bahamas does not want you dead. Neither does Fallon. Just as the title's quite clever, our communications were meant to be and thus, should not be taken literally.
However, a couple other ads have also been found "in contradiction to the rules and regulations of the MTA." Note: CBS Outdoor/Viacom and the MTA both approved every single ad before posting. Those in question - turning your subway seat into a hammock (against one seat per person policy - Is it true they are now ticketing $50 for putting your bag down on an empty seat in an empty train?) and subway scuba (against moving from car to car while train is in motion), have been taken down (which we and The Bahamas advised - wouldn't want the same people who didn't know coffee was hot to actually toss their scarf and cell phone out onto the tracks).
Our ad that reads, "Just so no to pants," is still up... for now. Please be advised that you should not hop onto the A train with your bottom half exposed. You can wear shorts... though you'd be more comfortable in minimal attire in The Bahamas.
See the NY Times article as well:
These bloggers may be in need of a vacation. Don't worry many of Bahamas' hotels have wireless internet.
P.S. For those concerned about our proposed NYC escapes, know this: it's safer in The Bahamas.

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