Sunday, February 05, 2006

Pittsburgh Loses

Georgetown beat Pittsburgh 61-58 this morning (or afternoon depending on time zone and how late you sleep on weekends). Hit up a bar Champp's (yes, 2 p's) in Richfield, MN - a little outside of Minneapolis. Total local bar, but after a couple Sunday mornings in a row there, we're totally in with Barb, the bartender. Only people interested in watching ESPN Full Court games - Big East action - and I was clearly the only person in the entire bar excited when Gtown hung on to oust the #9 team in the nation (barely). So threw back some brewski's, celebrated quickly and more quietly then normal, and came back to the pad for a solid 2 hour nap. Watched the Super Bowl with a bunch of peeps at a friends house. Pittsburgh won that less important game. At least that city won't be totally depressed tonight. Off to Colombia in the A.M.

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