Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Inbox of Immaturity (1): Can't Hate on Kanye

Yes, he threw another fit when he got shut out of a VMA again and didn't get to perform on the main stage. But in fairness, he should have been up there over Britney and his rant was nothing like this. (Thanks to Mike.)

I'm sorry but Kanye's immaturity is exceeded by his creativity, willingness to take risks, and determination to set the bar higher and in a new place. Here's yet one more example: "Can't Tell Me Nothing" alternative video with comedian, Zach Galifianakis.

Plus, you know I DVR'ed 106 & Park last night to watch see Kanye and 50. What became apparent was that BET would not have treated this "Clash of the Titans" episode any differently—other than the Stuart Scott opening it was just like they do when they have 2 artists guests that have nothing to do with one another: Video, then Fiddy came out and talked on the couch, then a video, then he performed, then more videos, then he left...if it weren't for Kanye. Kanye came out, did two performances and not his biggest hit (Stronger, which is game changing in itself) but combo of Can't Tell Me Nothing and the Good Life and then a slower joint, Big Brother, which as it was about to wind down, Jay-Z came out, and they did the Encore chorus together. Then Kanye and 50 came out together, they gave each other props, and the show ended with an I Get Money/Can't Tell Me Nothing mashup.

In the end, it was starting to believe that Mister West has a chance of being, as he said, the new Prince. A girl was even hysterically crying as she met him. But it seems there's some other competition for the guys (and I'm not talking about Kenny Chesney).

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