Friday, September 21, 2007

Inbox of Immaturity: The Onion Comeback

Rather than pass on "stupidifying" video links this week, I'm going to make you read as well as hit you off with a Gen GuY observation. I'm just one person (just a man, with a man's courage...oh f'in Flash) so take it for what it's worth, but I believe The Onion is heating up online. Hey, maybe it never got cold. But I haven't had an article passed onto me in months and then all of a sudden I've got these three in my inbox/message board/rss feed from three very different social groups.
Pitchfork Give Music a 6.8
Bro, You're a God Among Bros
I'm Like a Chocoholic But for Booze

Yes one is older than the others, but still received all three within this past week from Noah, Paul, and James. I'm still sticking to F Everything, We're Going Wtih 5 Blades as my personal favorite, but these are definitely solid. Thus, as the brand onion seems to fade into oblivion, The Onion is so hot right now. The Onion.


Clay Parker Jones said...

Saw the Bro thing a little while back and it's definitely upped my bro usage of late. These lines in particular made me happy:

"You are the king of all bros. Brotankhamen. You are the Ayatollah Bromeini. You are Broseidon, lord of the brocean."

"Who was the only Bromo sapien on the planet to tell me he thought the brand-new rims on my F-350 were the shit even though everyone else was all, like, fucking not that excited about them? Bro, you know it was you."

Reminds me of Not Another Teen Movie: "You put the eww in Jujitsu."

Awesome job, Broseph.

El Gaffney said...

Was about to say Not Another Teen Movie was underrated, but then took a step back and did an advanced search within facebook and found that over 500 people in my networks had listed it in the "Movies" section of their profiles.

It's a broverthetop but not broverrated movie.

Will said...

The Onion is damned fantastic.

I especially love this article:

El Gaffney said...

Ha, thanks Will.

"We are talking about a man who is able to take a rainbow and cover it with dew," Bush told reporters during a press conference Monday. "Who knows what else he is capable of? Left to his own devices, he could, in a worst-case scenario, make the world taste very bad, indeed."

That makes me think of Chappelle Show's Black Bush's rant on "yellow cake"! You get that on the other side of the pond?