Thursday, September 27, 2007

Me in D.C.

So I'm going back to my alma mater next Tuesday to present to the Georgetown Graduate Marketing Association. The theme of my talk, as requested by the co-President of the GMA, is How To Review An Ad. It seems that when brand management (brand marketing) companies like P&G, J&J, Unilever, and others come to campus to recruit a question they all ask is: What advertising do you think is good and why? And Georgetown's b-school students feel unprepared to answer (especially first-year's and and career switchers). As I understand it, the MBA program has a great global perspective and strong finance track, but lacks a diverse offering of marketing-focused classes. In particular for these future brand managers, their marketing concentration rarely gets advertising-specific - and these are the people who will be assesssing our creative.

Thus, I'm going back to school to give them some tools and language that will help them feel more comfortable speaking about advertising. So they can get the summer internship that leads to the full-time job next year over those Wharton snobs. In all seriousness, I'm excited about the opportunity and just sad I'm missing homecoming this weekend.

I plan on sharing the presentation soon. If anyone's in DC Wednesday morning and wants to meet up for breakfast, I'm free so shoot me a note.

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