Sunday, January 22, 2006

Meanwhile, Back In the U.S.

I interrupt the (fairly) regularly scheduled posting for this tardy, yet continually satisfying announcement: Georgetown beat Duke on Saturday afternoon, 87-84. If I had to miss this extraordinary event, I can't think of a better place to have been. But I have to admit it is a little difficult holding in my excitement because I'm probably the only person south of the US that cares (and part of the 2% who know what college bball even is - 1% tourists, 1% expats). I can't say I had a good feeling going into it, considering we had beated South Florida by 3 points earlier in the week. Regardless, I'm waiting to celebrate upon return with some cold light beer in clear plastic cups. Members of TheFellas should expect drunk "Strokeitup" calls on Saturday evening (1 week late). By the way, I've heard that the Big Pun stormed the court. Unfortunately there is no photo evidence similar to his live on-screen debut last year as the last person in the entire MCI Center to stand-up for a big play. To his credit, he did need to secure his beer before starting his half-assed clap. And finally, it wouldn't be a Hoya bball post from me if I didn't quickly mention that we would have never won this game had Drew Hall still been on our squad. He threw more games (and passes out of bounds) than Butch McRae. They should have made Blue Chips video game featuring Calbert Cheaney and Bobby Hurley vs. Shaq and Matt Nover. Good movie. Better win.

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