Tuesday, January 24, 2006

To Sum It Up

Life was good in Rio. I got down to business and to the business of gettin' down. And I definitely will return for Carnaval when I can afford it outside of a business trip. Though there's nothing like good clean business... and a little monkey business. Name that movie. No chance, huh? Back to School - conversation between Thornton Melon and Dean Martin. Next trivia: Who else makes an appearance in that movie and is responsible for the name of this blog? Answer coming upon my return to the U.S. Photo: Me eating Biscoito Globo on Ipanema Beach, where I also drank coconut water (and ate its "meat"), Matte Leão (a nice cold tea), and of course, a lime caipirinha with sake. That's all for Brazil. Beachseth Out.


Baker of Brown Bread said...

Be honest with me - how old are those nasty cargo shorts? You've had them since your days at Dix Hills East haven't you? There comes a time for everything, and it's time for them to go. I know that I might not be one to talk, because I have my own pair from the CostCo '97 collection, but mine are timeless. Yours are Abercrombie.

El Gaffney said...

It's true. But when I wear mine with adidas sandals and solid shirt, you're rocking the '74 baby blue "Tax form" tee and women's white and blue running sneaks with white tube socks. Or Rainbows your gf got you if you happen to be having a trendy day.