Sunday, January 29, 2006

Three Amigos

I’m Lucky Day, I’m Dusty Bottoms, I’m Ned Needlender… and together we are the (smack, smack, smack, uh huh cough)… So, Thursday night went to dinner in a really cool, up-and-coming area called Las Canitas with Hernan, the locall Purina brand mgr. (right) and his friend Ramiro, who’s currently doing his residency (left – in case you were confused by the chest hair). We stuffed ourselves with provoleta, chorizo, and of course, steak and were barely able to muster up enough energy to go to a bar for a couple drinks right after. Dinner and drinks discussion, during which they spoke in English and I, in Spanish, included the World Cup - they have some respect for the US team but still didn't believe that anyone in the US really likes soccer, Women - both single, they wanted the opportunity to test their luck with American women (I got a flashback to Love Actually at this point), and Work - but only as it related to how much they got to sleep each night and how often they went out during the week. Additional conversation included more sports, food, and travel and excluded politics, our favorite romantic comedies (don't tell them about Love Actually) and where I bought my jeans. Overall, the highlight of my time in Buenos Aires, though my 5 hour/15 mile walk the next day came in a close second.

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