Friday, January 04, 2008

Inbox of Immaturity

As promised, Funny or Die brings you this short work-week's break. I remember the joy I found in finding DailyTube - I thought I'd just scan the filtered videos and post my favorites if ever I lacked immaturity for a week. However, due to forgetfulness coupled with my desire to keep this as authentic as possible, I left that site alone until today when I thought about how I almost claimed it to be my YouTube killer (or more like a new friend that I started to spend more time with and not call YouTube over for pizza rolls and NHL '95 on Sega Genesis anymore). Well, now I am cautious of making a ridiculous claim about Funny or Die but do want to say there are some real gems on the site. I encourage you to check out "The Green Team", for example, which like the video below was passed on to me by a co-worker.
I had a few resolutions but none of them will impact my immaturity level and ability to bring it to you on (for the most part) a weekly basis. More on resolutions in my next post.

EXTRA: Beer Pong Tournament announcement in Vegas.

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Eric said...

We should start this trend in the real world...