Monday, January 28, 2008

KISS for Participation

What can I say, I'm a sucker for branded interactive sites. You keep it simple and let me personalize it, and I'll engage (and often send). I've Elfed, Simpsonized, and Sweded myself in the past year. Last month I sent a holiday card from a robot thanks to Puma.

I've created my own BFD pizza in the past week (see below).

And today, I kept life sexy. (Note: There's a very cool element where you can narrow down the inputs by age and gender.)

As we continue to explore ways to better measure the results of viral beyond visitors, views, "sends", and friends, I thought I'd at least do my part to support the brands (and agencies) that are, as Bruce Dickinson would say, "exploring the space." I may not have run to Office Max for binders lately but hopefully parents did. (It seems they've got some good results.) Now, I'll order the pizza; you go get the K-Y.


erin said...

How did you stumble upon the K-Y site? It's nice work by Poke. I knew Mother would do something creative for K-Y, and now I know what it is. :)

Good shout out to the interactive awesomeness that exists nowadays. Thanks.

Oakie Chiraskamin said...

Seth, try Colt45 (

El Gaffney said...

erin - saw it on a friend's gchat status.

oakie - i'm all over it once i finish building my own apple store :)