Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Do Day: The Wednesday Rebrand

He's a lot like the boy-hero in the 1953 musical The 5,000 Fingers of Dr. T.—the only feature film written by Dr. Seuss, and one of Gondry's favorite movies. In it, an evil piano teacher forces 500 children to practice at a gigantic piano 24 hours a day. One boy devises a technique to escape the nightmare. 'The boy and his friend get a pot,' recounts Gondry, 'and start to mix everything they can in it. They take a little bone, a little rope, a key, and mix and mix until it becomes gooey and starts to smoke. Finally, they invent this machine that steals sound. I think this way. Just make things and it's going to work. I'll make it work.'
-Jennifer Hillner with Michel Gondry
(Read the rest of the Wired article here)

In 2007, I was really inspired by other bloggers' (now friends') ability to as my current agency's marquee client would say: "Just Do It." From Clay's making a ton of stuff (including a ping pong paddle for me!) to Noah's multiple hit sites in a single day to Michael's conference and non-profit organization, I've gained a lot of insight into the process of creating and, importantly, a lot of motivation to start making things myself. (As this blog is as much a diary and self-promoting tool as anything else, you can be sure you'll be hearing more about the things I create in 2008 - yes more rhyming!!!)

Seriously though, I'm constantly trying to figure out what this blog actually is, so I can then better figure out what I want it to be. The only expertise I claim is all things Me (in fact, my what's in a name post is one of my most viewed) and maybe an out-shoot from that in immaturity. But in an effort to expand my horizons by focusing (I think this is what I'm doing), I have indulged another passion of mine. No, not rhyming, but you're close... Creating catch phrases. (Note: I'm calling them catch whether they catch on or not - see bevistated.)

So from this day forth (assuming I remember) Wednesday on El Gaffney will be "Do Day". The quote above is my first attempt, but I'm not exactly sure what Do Day will entail. I'm thinking I will interview (I use this term very loosely) someone of these Gen GuYs (on the left sidebar) about all sorts of stuff, and I'll interview some others about Gen GuYs and other sorts of stuff.

I don't want to make it too prescriptive since I already have such a strong commitment to the IOI. (Yes, I realize what "comes out" when you pronounce this new term for Wednesday really fast.) And I don't want to force it either because as I learned on a Chappelle's Show look back at an interview Dave did about civil rights "people don't like to be forced." (Dave's commentary: "Oh, you mean like slavery forced.") Anyone remember that episode? Anyone else miss that show regularly still?

Anyway, we'll see how Do Day works out and how I gets along without all the humping.


mikekarnj said...

Thanks bro for the shout-out. And yes, please, bring back the words you make up or catch!

Clay Parker Jones said...

Sounds excellent.

Thanks, too, for the shout-out. I've got a sweet paddle in store for you. And for you, Mike, and for Noah.

Looking forward to being part of Do Day...

- Clay


Matt.Johnson said...

good stuff. i like do-er's (not the scotch)... that's what awesome dudes and unbeatable records is all about.

El Gaffney said...

i'll try, mike.
can't wait, clay.
awesome dudes will definitely be getting a feature soon, matt. especially since i'm booking agent.