Friday, January 11, 2008

Inbox of Immaturity

My friends and I have had this argument in many forms over the past 8 years or so. Some debates are well-documented (on our xanga page). We're pretty smart dudes (which may be debatable as well given we've had this discussion multiple times in various types) and have applied our own logic, but never before have we had a tool to answer this question. ("Tool" as in useful test not loser.) In fact, the site was inspired by an online forum post. So the question, if you haven't already read ahead or been distracted by the beautiful graphic below—Obey my dog!—is: How many five year olds can (one of) you take in a fight?

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Yes, I'm a huge wimp - but I also answered honestly and would have a problem picking one of the kids up and using him as a weapon!

So anyway, take the survey and let me know how much more of a bad-ass you are than me. (Or is it "than I"? - Please answer this as well.)

Sticking with the fighting/competing theme... Many of you probably saw this a while back (I actually posted it in an IOI back at Fallon), but since American Gladiators is topical it has made a comeback amongst my buddies. Yes, Malibu is truly amazing - though not as pretty as Titan.

Another not so pretty thing comes from the college sports world. The video actually has a setup card before showing the clip, so I'll just send you to the Texas Tech "Bell Ringer".

And lastly, (I guess this one also follows the story's progression) a link that I frankly don't find funny at all. I do find it pretty disgusting and putting the Advisory Nasty stamp on it (which will probably make more of you watch than act as a deterrent) But I'm just here to report, and sometimes what you're sent is this. (I have no idea what it's for, if anything.)


Paul said...

Please advise your readers that, according the site, I can take out 22 five-year olds. This is noteworthy compared to your 14 because I am 5'6" and 215lbs.

Paul said...

p.s. "I" is correct, in response to your question. It is implied: " are than [I am]."

El Gaffney said...

readers: paul can beat up 22 five year-olds. happy? thanks for the grammar help - knew i could count on yourself.

RubyRed said...

haha, cool quiz, looks like I'll bow to the masters though, I only got 11... I know I could take more! bring em on.... hey if you like this quiz, you might enjoy this other quiz I found called how “ubergeek” are you. It's here I got a really good kick out of the answers :)