Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Do Day: Inspired by Obama

I've never been particularly inclined to write about politics on my blog. There are lots of people (including my friend Jake) that are more knowledgeable about the subject. There a lots of blogs and magazines and shows that are devoted to it. Plus, frankly, I never really cared very much other than to solidify my views on social issues and hate on George W. But that has changed. Now I run home to watch Super Tuesday coverage, not the Georgetown basketball game. (Granted, we were playing South Florida.) I fall asleep to replayed candidate speeches on CSPAN not Scrubs reruns. I seek out more information on their sites and more content on YouTube. I anxiously await the next debate.

And I don't give dissatisfaction with Bush the credit for this spike in and sustained interest. I was pretty angry in '04 as well. I'm excited by the fact that we have a serious female candidate (more so than when we had a Jew as a VP on the ticket) and the prospect of our first woman President. I even like her. However, while she represents a change in leadership (policy and proof that we've grown as a nation), she still represents what I find uninteresting and uninspiring about politics. If she and Edwards were the two Democratic candidates left last night, I would have felt a "win" for one vs. the other more critical. Yet I can tell you with certainty, if I watched at all (unlikely) I would not have watched with enthusiasm, with eager anticipation...the way I did last night.

Barack Obama makes me passionate about politics. (Yes, I found myself researching the process of awarding delegates last night.) He makes me believe things can be different. And most importantly, makes me and others feel they must do something. He inspires action (which is what Do Day is all about). I stayed up to watch his speech last night, and something he said hit such a nerve that I got out of bed to find a pen and write it down:

We are the ones we've been waiting for.

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