Friday, February 08, 2008

For the Love of Earth

I read a scary post a couple of days ago on John Grant's Greenormal blog. It has (like many others) been on my mind since. Also, like these "others" (not in the Lost sense of the term) I've offered to help. So the first thing I figured I'd do was pass on the link above.

As John says in his comments he's going about doing something by first working to create a concise, clear, and compelling video and then when it's ready, use it to spread the word. I will, of course, pass that on. In the meantime, I have been be considering another one of his comments as well as a recent article by Seth Godin.

Other SG's post, "Fear, hope, and love: the three marketing levers". He talks about these three emotions as the primary reasons (individually) that people take action. JG commented, "...but i do know that from academic studies in memetics (ideas that spread like viruses) bad news always spreads faster than good. In the past I have looked at case studies like the Y2K bug."

So it seems like Fear is going to be the lever we're pulling for this message in order to get the word out quickly. This makes sense to me. But I wonder if there's a way to flip the Love switch soon after. And I wonder if an Obama win in November could impact the decision on which lever becomes most effective (vs. McCain, let's stick with fear or if Hillary could get Gore in the Cabinet). I wonder if fear made An Inconvenient Truth such a hit. And I wonder if fear was the best way to convince people to make the small changes laid out at the end. It seems the type of action we're asking people to take would impact the approach (lever).

I couldn't help but think on my way into work today that a problem of this magnitude would need to tons of optimism and love. I think uniting, organizing, and calling my generation to action (and those younger) requires it. We won't be shocked or scared into making the major changes this necessitates. We'll, as Seth said, "aim for love." If the meetings we had for Live Earth at Planning for Good in New York are any indication, we're looking for our cause (should have found it by now). I'm really interested to hear the specific feedback from Live Earth about all suggestions as well as to know how other city teams tackled the issue. My feeling is we're ready to be heroes because we love this planet.

Note: Ed has already offered his (and the group's) assistance, which is great. Any ideas are appreciated.

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