Monday, February 25, 2008


Getting my Blackberry last month has caused two things to happen:
1. Others to question my manhood (it's the Red Curve)
2. Me to take more pictures (the quality is good enough for blogging/tumbling)

The above is an example of the second. (Though if the kid had woken up, I suspect he may have had a comment on the color.) It was in Charlotte's airport at 7 in the morning as we rode out (flew out?) a delay...from none other than LaGuardia. We make do with what we have. He had a big hooded sweatshirt. I had a VitaminWater, clients on each side, and a fake I'm not tired at all. I normally get up this early and seize the day. smile on my face. And that's why I took a picture of him and not of me. It was a great example of, as Ideo would say, a "thoughtless act"...and I'm not creepy. It's just that, as Faris would say (in an insightful and timely post as I was working on Olympus), my camera helps me see.

Oh yeah, and the reason I titled this post Improvise is so I could link to this video.


Eric said...

I take a lot more pictures these days too with my camera phone. Blogging about them also has increased. Its a little weird - but hey people also walking around talking to themselves on bluetooth headsets.

Keep allowing readers to see through your Seth filter..even if it is a red curve.

El Gaffney said...

Ha. Thanks man. And now with my new flip I may be doing the same with video soon.