Friday, February 01, 2008

Inbox of Immaturity

It's already 2PM, so let's get right into it...

As you may have noticed in recent IOI's, FunnyorDie has skyrocketed become one of my top visited sites. This week I discovered an amazing idea and great executions with Drunk History Vol. 1 and Vol. 2.

Have you ever heard of 7 minutes in heaven? Well, this is 8 seconds of it. Last week Obama faced some (ridiculous) allegation, and now we focus on Mitt Romney trying to keep it real. Aki hooking it up.

Another short and sweet (?) clip from Action 7 News, thanks to Jake.

Sarah Silverman is a little bit more long-winded in her approach but the message is clear (thanks in part to Matt Damon): just like Scotty, Jimmy doesn't know. Aki, once again.

And lastly from the office-wide email chain, a timely Super Bowl prediction from Fitzy.

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