Monday, February 18, 2008

NASCAR For Dummies

Yesterday I watched my first NASCAR race ever. I personally know quite a few people whom are baffled by the interest in this sport. If you live in the U.S. you probably have an opinion, and you've also probably heard (if not said) the following:

How do people enjoy watching cars go around and around in a circle?

Well, given it's part of my job to understand not just the rules of NASCAR but also the fans, I spent a significant part of my yesterday (over 5 hours all in - including pre-race and a bit of post) watching the Super Bowl of the sport, The Daytona 500. (Yes, it is unlike any sport I can think of in that it starts out with its biggest event.) I watched with a couple of work friends—one in particular (Michael) who is an avid fan of racing and driver Jeff Gordon and thus was able to answer all my stupid questions.

If you have any interest in learning a bit about NASCAR and what my viewing experience was like, check out my twitter. Go back a couple of pages to see the start (picking up Bud heavy). Overall, I had a great time—as noted by Mike, "the beer helps"—though I don't think I'd have the stamina (read as: time) to watch all 200 laps in the future. Hopefully I'll get to attend one of the other Sprint Cup races in person this year. I hear that helps you more fully appreciate NASCAR. Until the next race, I'll be looking for some Target car #41 gear!

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noah brier said...

nascar rocks.