Thursday, February 28, 2008

Do Night: BehanceKlusterSleep

I know, I know. It doesn't work so well. But I had to acknowledge that since it's early Thursday morning, I didn't really help anyone get over the hump via actions.

I did, however, check out Behance's new site, which I know Michael's been working on a ton since he moved here to NYC. And that ton he says, "is like the recorded time of Earth vs. our planet's creation!" Holla at me/Get in my inner circle if you're on the site and let's make some ideas happen. For real. They have a great mission and great methods (in addition to their action pads as MK points out) to help you achieve productive creativity. Doing.

Also the TED conference has kicked off today, and if you like me didn't have the 6000 beans to pony up I encourage you to check out the blog of W+K's Global Director of Digital Strategies for updates. He talks about how using a crowdsourcing tool (Kluster), they are trying to develop a product over the course of TED (a single 72 hour period). Cool.


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