Monday, March 10, 2008

A Case of the...

Yes, you guessed it. Unfortunately I couldn't find a good picture of Brian, the Chotchkie's waiter with the amazing machine gun impression. So I'm settling for the flair scene above. And while I haven't (quite) been hit with a case of the Mundays, I am doing some down-and-dirty research (read as: I basically have no budget) on what stinks about this day.

Anyone who has been to the blog (vs. RSS) in the past week may have noticed a little poll I've got going on the sidebar asking which is worse Sunday nights or Monday mornings. It may surprise some of you that after 13 votes, Sunday nights has take a slight lead. I'm going to stay objective at this point, but I definitely have an opinion - as I'm sure most of you do too, so come vote at the very least.

Better yet, I have just set up a quick-and-clean blog called: Why Do Mondays Suck?

Go there to vote as well as give your perspective about what makes Monday so wack. You'll have a chance to win a $50 Starbucks card (which I know will probably only last you addicts through Tuesday afternoon.)


Eric said...

I think somebody is a little too mad at Mondays - what did they ever do to you? PS - how big do you want this whole Monday thing to get? What if people start hating Wednesdays? (aka humpday)

El Gaffney said...

hey eric, wednesdays have already been taken care of - they are now "Do Days". i don't want mondays to suck. i want to find out why they do so we can make them better --- with espn programming of course :)