Friday, March 07, 2008

Inbox of Immaturity

I just realized this morning while reading about how a T-shirt "is an essential tool in determining the social rank, desirability, and value of a white person" that the IOI has never linked to, or featured (which it deserves), probably my favorite site in 2008: Stuff White People Like.

I was also reminded yesterday reading this post on Kevin Driscoll's todo mundo, where he has an excellent making up of a term—which, is something I hold in very high regard over here. He coins: "Poll media" - not push or pull, it is using a particular medium to ask a simple question in order to engage your audience. For example: Is Lost a Repeat?. Love it.

So, anyway, back to the blog. I encourage you to take some time and work you're way back from the beginning, like you're currently doing with The Wire. The posts keep getting better. They started with Coffee and their most recent (84th) one is T-Shirts. Without ruining all the surprise, I wanted to give you a quick taste of what you'll find. Here's an excerpt from #77, Musical Comedy:

It’s a pretty good idea because when you have jokes that aren’t that great and music that isn’t that great, you can mix them together and create something that will entertain white people.

What are you waiting for? Go get your laugh on this Friday afternoon...and then get some Mos Def tickets. See you at the show!

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