Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Do Day: What? You Don't Have A Logo!?!

I was going to call this "Me-keting" or "Marketmeing" but I didn't think either of those qualify as new terms worth coining on putting in the subject. What's worse is I'm not sure they're even original. Either way, I've been thinking a bit lately about all my online accounts (from Seesmic—which I stopped using—to Y! Live on which I'm currently watching Aki)...and I've been thinking lately about my brand (El Gaffney vs. Seth Gaffney and specifically what is the persona I present online).

Also, I was talking with Clay and Eric about a side project (that hopefully I'll be featuring in a very near Do Day) for which one of them asked for a picture and a logo. "A logo?," I thought, "I guess I can hit them up with the El Gaffney side profile with drawn in mustache image." Though while it was done by a real designer (at my first agency), I felt a bit naked. Why didn't I have a logo? (Daddy, I want a golden ticket!)

Then, that same day, I saw Eric's post about Logobama over at This site has meets people's profile (logo) needs in such a smart and easy way—and more interestingly, the idea to create this site seems to have stemmed from online observation...

We’ve been noticing a trend of people displaying their support for Barack Obama’s Democratic presidential campaign by using his logo as their avatar, or visual representation on the web. We thought, 'what can we do to show our support?'

So we created Logobama, a place for you to create your own custom Obama logo and use it wherever you want. As Obama says, 'we are the change we have been waiting for.' That’s what Obama is representing... someone who wants all of us to participate in changing the world. And together, we can make this change, one logo at a time.

It let's you personalize his logo and download it at full size or for a variety of other places web-goers will likely have profiles. (i.e. YouTube, Facebook, Flickr, etc.) Here's the one I created:

Yes, very much in the spirit of "A More Perfect Union". And yes, I did have cornrows for a few days...until I started feeling gross and getting headaches.

So, all that said, I think as more and more young people grow up with many profiles and understanding the many dimensions of their online experience, they'll naturally think about themselves as brands. They'll know that while there are many profiles and dimensions, there is only one them (ME)—there is not your personal persona (friend one is different from family) and your business face, which you can present to each appropriate audience. And they'll learn quickly how to and be equipped to manage their brands. And yes, they'll probably have logos (and the skills sets and tools to make their own). So, I still want mine...and perhaps a more unique photo while we're at it.


Eric Friedman said...

This is a great photo. Totally a great use of their resources. Should I use this as your new official logo moving forward on all printed materials:)

El Gaffney said...

ha. thanks man. the barber shop is called first choice...because, well, isn't it obvious! makes me wonder why naming assignments are always so hard for us "branding experts".