Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Where Has All the Interestingness Gone?

A post by Michael K. yesterday questioned what happened to all of the planners blogging. I've noticed the same thing in my netvibes feed, especially recently. Now it's possible SXSW is one reason for last couple of week's declines, but I'm pretty sure it started before that. (And it would seem if planners attended they'd be coming back strong with the recap posts.) I can speak for myself and fill in "too busy" as my multiple choice answer. (Yes, fill in—not check mark or 'x' or half fill in because I want it to go through on the Scan-Tron.) However, it's hard to believe that the decrease in planner posts generally is merely a coincidence. Mike provocatively asks if blogging is dying. I hope not.

But it does seem it may be being squeezed by Twitter and Tumblr on one end and papers, articles, manifestos, books on the other (including The Age of Conversation: Part Deux, to which I will be contributing).

I, for one, have been far better at updating my Tumblr than my blog, and a look at the first page of each will show how much more interesting I've been over there. I almost wrote that I've "been spending more time on Tumblr," but that would be false. In fact, I have come to my blog to start posting a few times and realized I didn't have the inspiration, the words, or the time. Tumblr currently seems to fit into my life better at this point, and I realize I may be over-extending myself keeping both and perhaps even duplicating efforts. If anyone has figured out a plan for managing the blog + Tumblr efficiently or has a strong perspective I'd love to hear it. Frankly I'm jealous of Chet on a regular basis that he's firmly set and singularly on the the Tumblr platform.

Oh yeah, and of course there's also the upwards of a billion dollars being lost in productivity starting this week due to March Madness. I'd factor last week's Big East Tournament into my own productivity levels, but I'm certain many more people are likely impacted by the NCAA Tournament (which I've noticed many girls like to call "the Final Four" all the way through - as in: "Are you going to watch the Final Four on Thursday?" or "Are you filling out your Final Four bracket?"). Anyway, back to a crazy week of work, basketball, plays (yes, tonight I'm performing - I'll let you all know about the next shows on Saturday and Tuesday of the following week), and Tumbling.


mikekarnj said...

I agree Seth. I don't even like posting on my own blog anymore b/c I like the quick format of tumblr now. I might make a permanent switch and close down my blog. I'm running out of interesting things to say anyways!

Clay said...

I agree, too. Tumblr and Twitter are great, and I'm already super-addicted to Flickr. I feel guilty when I'm not posting, notably because I know my parents go to all my spots every day to be sure I'm alive.

I've noticed the dropoff, too. But not in the purer marketing blogs out there. And I'm going to say this here, because I feel like it's kinda a hidden place to say it, but I feel like the hard-core marketing folks will NEVER run out of some cutesy story that randomly ties in to the business of helping people sell stuff.

Franky, I'm tired of it. I'm tired of trying to sound like I know what I'm talking about.

Because 1) I don't think I do know what I'm talking about, 2) I feel like a blowhard whenever I write about work stuff, and 3) I can't imagine anyone out there caring about my opinion on marketing, planning or whatever.

But I do enjoy popping up a picture that I found, or pointing people to something funny. Hence, Tumblr.

Kevin said...

I totally agree with clay about the blowhard thing...so you get stuck in between the guilt of not posting and trying to talk about ideas without sounding like some jerk who thinks he's the second coming of Gossage/Steel/Jobbs.

I say we stage a massive revolt and get as many planning bloggers as possible to switch their primary location to some other format at the same time.

Viva la Revolucion!

mikekarnj said...

Let's do it. I think I'm switching over to TUMBLR soon.

AKI SYSTEMS 2600 said...

yeah, same sentiments here. I found the Blogger interface cumbersome, and, gulp, SLOW. i like the microblogging platforms cuz they don't demand i be at my desk (sorta the point since insights happen where they happen).

i have also been distracted/squeezed by SO MANY CHOICES. delicious, twitter, facebook. plus some "private" blogs i am maintaining for clientele ont he sidelines. so my broadcasting has actually INCREASED and become more influential than ever before (cuz, heck, i now got real clients reading these touchpoints, now), but they are dispersed across so many media and no longer formally "at the blog".

Dino said...

I'm totally with you on the cutesy story thing, I know what you mean. It's irritating.