Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Don't Be Ben Jacobs

Came across this undeniably funny-because-it's-true article in the Onion today thanks to Chet. The article's title is "Ad Campaigns Appeals to Young, Hip, Influenced-By-Ad-Campaigns Demographic." An excerpt:

"This is exactly the type of customer we're looking to reach," said the campaign's chief strategist Ben Jacobs, 28. "It's showing tremendous impact on the cool, media-savvy rebels who distrust authority, prize alternative culture, think outside of the mainstream, and are willing to base their actions entirely on advertising images presented to them on TV. How dope is that?"

So this post is just a reminder for me and other Gen GuY and GalY planners (or creatives or account peeps) out there not to become Ben. And a reminder for marketers to really get to know their audience on a deeper level even if they've picked the demographic wisely.

via Someecards. By the way, this was the featured e-card when I just visited the site. Pure gold.

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