Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Do Night: Don't Haiti the Player

Probably (read as: definitely) an inappropriate title for the spirit of this post, but I couldn't help myself. There's no rule that says do-goodery can't be coupled with a little silliness (maybe there should be), and I wanted to inflect my voice into the setup of this post since I'm going simple to copy and paste an email from a friend—and fellow strategist—below. As he acknowledges, you likely get a lot of RFD's (Requests for Donation) but I'd rather hear about them (especially the personal ones) and help if I can (and connect) or just be inspired by the people making a difference. It's not easy to ask for help (especially monetary), but those who do not know the rest. Here's Alain's e-mail:

An Orphanage in Haiti

If you’re anything like me you’re bored of hearing pleas for help. Well, I’m sorry to say that herein lies one.

In this case it’s something much closer to home. Quite literally actually. The house my mother was raised in, in Port-au-Prince Haiti, has been converted into an orphanage called Enfant Haïtien Mon Frère. My 81 year old grand-uncle has run the entire operation for the past 40 years and helps place kids with families -- either safely at home in Haiti or somewhere else abroad.

But here’s the thing. These kids have come from the worst situations imaginable. Some come from extreme poverty, others have fatal diseases like HIV, and others are literally found abandoned in the streets. As you would suspect, Haiti is no home for kids in need.

My brothers, my dad, and I are all going to Haiti in early April. Partly to visit family and the country. And partly to bring some form of help to the orphanage.

So that’s what this is: a simple ask to donate money or stuff to this little Haitian orphanage.

The truth is that money is only one way to help. And often times it’s a tricky thing to ask for. So if there’s anything you can donate (ie, clothes, toiletries, toys, etc.) please do so. Just contact me, keeping in mind that I literally will be delivering things by hand. (My office actually has donated some computers, so that’s cool.)

Please feel free to pass this along. Thanks for even considering this and sorry to bombard email.

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Send whatever you can to

He lists some other things to send (i.e. children books in French) and his address, but I figured I'd keep that private. If that type of donation appeals to you, leave a comment or shoot him an e-mail. Thanks all.

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