Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Flight Of America...Uh!

Is this type of comedy on a 3-year trend cycle? By this I mean the unapologetically silly, uncompromisingly dry, and undoubtedly genius sense of humor captured in and brought to the masses by Napoleon Dynamite.

Here are two examples of Sophisticated Stupidity or SS comedy:

1. FOTC (A clip of Flight Of The Conchords, not from the HBO show - I think funnier.)

2. GW (A clip of George Washington showing us what patriotism really means - created last year but gained momentum this Independence Day.)

SS comedy may also be more subtle and a bit stuffy. It feels insidery and when it gets too mass, its finders move on to deciding what else is funny. Perhaps Larry the Cable Guy + crew was the Napoleon reaction. If these two from New Zealand blow up, can we expect Asia's Jack Black will be here soon. I think I could dedicate some serious time to comparing Tenacious D and FOTC, but have to work. Plus, there's a geographic inside-out, outside-in dynamic to the flow of comedy (dare I say cool comedy) I haven't quite figured out yet with fireworks still blaring in my ears and spotting my sight.

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