Thursday, July 19, 2007

Oxy Oxy Acne Free!

This struck me as kind of odd (and pretty ambitious).

While the new Oxy site overall is spectacular (sorry, Seinfeld repeat on Fox again last night...for "real"), this little piece really seemed strange. I feel like even if Mom's did do this, it may have a negative impact on Oxy - the son's would never want to do what mom says. Then again, mom's the one driving to the dermatologist and to the mall, helping you pick out clothes from Aeropostale. So when it comes to this part of puberty, mom's got your face - she's your style consultant that helps you look nice (while the Axe deodorant makes you irresistable - that's how it works in middle school these days right?). Although because it changes audiences throughout (sometimes talking to mom's, other times to sons) I found the experience a bit disjointed, it usually changes from room to room appropriately and there's a ton of entertaining and interactive content and features. And I found a new tune on the kid's iPod. For IOI (or just guy) purposes, I'd recommend the pool.


Jake said...

Hey fella,

Have you been watching 'Mad Men' on AMC at all?

El Gaffney said...

it starts tonight doesn't it?

Jake said...

Excellent point. Better question, will you be tuning in?